Meet Katie and Kory

katie smallerKATIE COLEMAN

Katie Coleman is the owner of Keep It Real Food Company, a self-proclaimed nutrition nerd, and person with type 1 diabetes for over 20 years. She was diagnosed at age 11 and followed the standard approach for diabetes care for many years. At age 26, she formed the company “Grain Expectations” – a blog and bakery focusing on whole grain baked goods. However, she quickly realized that, despite being so-called “healthy”, these whole grain foods were not actually diabetes-friendly. In 2010, she changed the name and focus of the business to Keep It Real Food Co, with the goal of creating grain-free, low-glycemic snacks and treats, using ONLY naturally healthy ingredients that everyone can enjoy.

After learning about the gluten-free and paleo diets through her customers, she continued on her own dietary journey, adopting a low-carb paleo diet and immersing herself in the latest functional medicine research. When she’s not working on her business, listening to her favorite health podcast, or reading about nutrition,  she loves hiking and playing music around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hear Katie on the Livin La Vida Low Carb Show with Jimmy Moore and the Paleo Women Podcast.

KORY SEDERKory photo

Kory is a nutritional counselor at Waters Center for Biological Medicine. He comes from a background as a Research Scientist having graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology in 2001.  He performed 8 years of Biochemistry research for the University of Wisconsin. He obtained certification as a NSCA certified strength trainer and an NCCP certification in triathlon training. A life-altering diagnosis in 2012 forced him to focus on his diet not just as an aspect of staying fit and healthy, but as a necessity to live a long, healthy life.  Kory has extensive experience in the effects of food and body movement on overall health.


type one grit image

Katie and Kory are both members of TYPE ONE GRIT, an online community of people with type one diabetes who eat a low carbohydrate diet in order to achieve near normal blood sugar levels. The group is guided by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein (author of The Diabetes Solution).


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